Newcastle United Manager Menagerie
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There is no doubt that Newcastle United have had some very good managers over the years, though there have been a fair share of ones I would rather forget as well.

There have been the great managers such as Joe Harvey, Sir Bobby Robson, Kevin Keegan, then there have been the 'steady' managers such as Arthur Cox, Jim Smith, Willie McFaul, etc. Though as I say, there have been the ones I would rather forget. Added to this of course are those managers from before my time.

Together they have all brought us jubilation, with League Titles, Domestic and European Cup successes, despair in losing finals and the utter desolation of relegation.

So whether good, bad, indifferent or before your time, they have been here and so their record is here as well. You'l find all their results by overall totals and by competition. You never know you may surprise yourself to find out that your favourite manager was better - or worse - than you thought by comparison with others...

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