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Match Report : 21/01/1893 v Middlesbrough
Newcastle United   2 2

Scorer(s): Willie Thompson, Harry Reay

Middlesbrough   3 1
Scorer(s): Blyth (43), McKnight (50), Lewis
Date: Saturday, January 21st, 1893
Competition: FA Cup, Round 1
Season: 1892-93
Venue: St James's Park
Attendance: 4,000
Referee: Sam Ormerod (Accrington)
First Half
43 mins
Second Half
50 mins
Times To Be Confirmed

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Knocked Out Of The Cup

In what was said to be a fine day for the time of year, it was reported that there was a slight wind. It was also noted that the pitch was very hard and rather greasy.

First Half

Winning the toss, Boro decided to play downhill1. Despite this the early play went Newcastle's way and they were said to have "looked dangerous". In saying that though it was Boro who had the best of the chances when they forced two successive corners with their attacking play. Nothing came from the first one, but the second was only "got away with difficulty" by Whitton. This gave the initiative very much to the Boro and it was not long after when Whitton was again called upon to make a good save, this time with his feet to deny Stott who "put in a beautiful shot". Boro then literally beseiged the Newcastle goal with shot after shot, but nothing came from them. Black and Lewis were said to be "particularly effective" down the left.

Boro didn't have it all their own way though, "from a long return" Sorley got past Bach and forced a corner but again nothing came from it. Soon back on the attack Newcastle had a great chance with a shot from Collins that only just went wide. Then it was Boro's turn to attack with McKnight who got the ball in the centre and raced down the field but Miller was able to clear the danger. Sorley then took the initiative for Newcastle when he raced down the left and passed the ball through to Reay. His shot was parried "feebly" by Fall and Thompson got his head to the ball to open the scoring. Only a minute later there was a most "bizarre goal"; Fall caught a shot from Graham very easily, but then he just stood with the ball under his arm - Reay "rushed up" and crashed both him and the ball over the line and into the goal. Two-Nil!

Boro then went on the attack, Black, Lewis and McKnight all going close. Then a miskick by Jeffery almost saw him score an own goal. Keeping up the pressure, McCabe went down the right, passed to McKnight, his centre was met by Black who shot in a real daisy-cutter that looked all the way a goal but Whitton somehow pulled off a great save, pushing it behind for a corner. the pressure from Boro was now almost relentless and the defence had to be strong. It only looked like a matter of time befor there was a Boro goal and it came only "two minutes" before half-time. Blyth, from midfield, sent in a high shot that "passed under the crossbar", a bad time to concede for Newcastle but a great time to score for Boro.

Second Half

Even with having the advantage of now playing downhill Newcastle couldn't get started and it was Boro, picking up from where they left off in the first half, who were first on the attack. Stott and McKnight both had "futile" shots at goal befor McCabe took the ball upfield and passed to Lewis, he in turn passed to McKnight and with a "magnificent shot" he got the equaliser after only five minutes. Boro attacked again and forced a corner that was "placed nicely" by McCabe and Whitton "had a good deal of trouble in clearing the resulting scrimmage". Newcastle then had a great chance themselves when Reay give the ball to Thompson who made a good run through the centre, hee went passed Bach very easily, and seemed certain to score, but Fall ran out in the nick of time an cleared the ball. Boro were then straight back on the attack, forcing a corner, "which was splendidly centred" by McCabe, and Lewis headed the ball in for their third goal. In taking the lead, Boro also took control. Their forwaads were much more dominant, and Newcastle could do nothing against McKnight and Lewis. After a bit of "fine short passing", Boro had another corner, taken by Lewis, but nothing came from it.

In an all-out effort to force an equaliser Newcastle had a good chance that saw Crone, McKnight, and McManus all missing the ball but between themselves, Reay and Collins were said to have made a real mess of it. The last five minutes of the game saw Newcastle camped in the Boro half but were unable to break down their defence.


  1. St. James's Park had a very bad slope in those days! It was measured at 18 feet from goal to goal - meaning the goal-line at the Gallowgate end was 18 feet below the goaline at te Leazes end!

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